Each with their own contrasting personality and charm, Hawaii’s islands offer treasured gifts for everyone. So, whether you’re looking for the meditation of swaying palms or the adrenalin of steaming volcanoes, the aloha spirit will allure your heart and your mind.


  • Feast on local food and try hula dancing at a private traditional luau

  • Take a helicopter flight with the doors open over active volcanic craters

  • Swim with majestic manta rays after dark

  • Ride Oahu's legendary North Shore rip curls with a former pro

  • Overnight camping adventure in the Waimea Canyon

  • Explore Oahu’s food truck culture with a local foodie expert

  • Board a sailing charter and head towards the "Forbidden Island" of Niihau and  along the famous Napali Coast 

  • Private Mauna Kea night hike and stargazing expedition 

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Life here is lived in the open air and whether you’re looking for adventure, relaxation, history or culture, every Hawaiian experience comes with a dose of aloha ‘āina – love of the land. We suggest beginning your trip in the “heart of Hawaii”, Oahu. Spend a few days here before heading to Big Island. End with a final few days on the beautiful island of Kauai. 


hawaiiAn adventurous spirit pulses through the “heart of Hawaii”, Oahu. Earth and water meet in dramatic fashion as the legendary North Shore tides pound against knife-edge cliffs. If you’re looking for the perfect wave, then this is the place to find it. Surf the mighty swell with a seasoned professional to show you the best spots to match your ability. If you prefer calmer waters, stand-up paddleboard along one of the island’s small tributaries or snorkel Hanauma Bay. Swimming in this sheltered embayment is like being inside a giant, tropical fishbowl full of a kaleidoscope of colourful marine life.


hawaiiIf you want to keep your feet dry, hike wind-whipped coastlines, volcanic craters or the imposing mountain ridge that forms the backbone of the island. The salty air, wondrous views and dazzling sunsets come with a dose of wanderlust.  For a slice of history, learn about  Pearl Harbor and see the poignant Arizona Memorial accompanied by a historian.  For the foodies among you, take a taste bud tour of Oahu’s food truck culture with a local foodie expert. 




hawaiiAfter dark, the music of the ukulele and the aromas of plumeria are wafted through Waikiki, the “gathering place”, by the ocean breeze. Soak up the hospitality and festival spirit of Hawaii with a mai tai in-hand, fresh flower lei around your neck and the feel of floury sand between your toes. We can arrange a feast where each course gives a modern twist on the classic cuisine of a different island. One of the many highlights of a beach luau is the Samoan fire knife dance, where brave performers treat you to death-defying feats of astonishing dexterity. As the epicentre of Oahu, where royalty once came to play, this is the livelier side of island life.


hawaiiOn the Big Island of Hawaii you can witness the raw power of nature’s primal processes and explore four of the world’s different climate zones all in one place. Get unimpeded views of scalded desert, rainforest and volcanoes as you take a doors-off helicopter flight over Volcanoes National Park. Feel the heat of Mauna Loa and Kilauea (the latter being one of the most active volcanoes on Earth) as you pass over their craters. Journey through the remote and rugged landscape of Kaʻū, where historic farming plantations have produced coffee, macadamia nuts and oranges for centuries. Head past lava fields and grasslands to the shimmering black sand beach of Punaluʻu. You may find Hawksbill and green turtles have beaten you to it, already basking in the Hawaiian sun.


hawaiiAs night falls, set sail towards the horizon to view the Kona sunset from a private catamaran. Snorkel under the light of the moon to witness manta rays feeding off the plankton. Spotlights will help to attract these otherworldly creatures to their passive prey. With some having a wingspan of over 20 feet, these amazing creatures may look intimidating but they glide gracefully past with no malicious intent.





hawaiiWhile on Big Island rappel and climb across 100ft drops, under roaring waterfalls and through verdant rainforest. As the sun begins to set, gallop on horseback along the beach. By night, experience a private Mauna Kea night hike and stargazing expedition. Climb to the Mauna Kea summit with your expert guide and witness breath-taking views and magical starry skies from the best vantage point on the whole island.




hawaiiLava has not only left its signature on the land; submarine volcanoes have created a network of unique formations underwater as well. Head out on a kayak from Turtle Town to see where the protected green turtles find shelter in volcanic reef structures and underwater caves. The views from above and below the water are worth capturing on camera.





hawaiiYour final stop is the beautiful island of Kauai, also known as the "Garden Isle." Board a helicopter in Lihue and fly over some of the most gorgeous natural landmarks that Kauai has to offer, including Mana Waiapuna, commonly known as "Jurassic Park Falls," and Waimea Canyon, considered the "Grand Canyon of the Pacific." Explore the Canyon with an overnight adventure, where you will enjoy two days of swimming, relaxing, and exploring petroglyphs and unique flora and fauna.  After a couple of days here, board a sailing charter and head northwest towards the “Forbidden Island” of Niihau, taking in the stunning waterfalls and sea caves that define the Napali Coast along the way. 


It’s rare to be able to watch the sunrise and sunset from the same place but floating in the middle of the Pacific, this is a little drop of heaven on Earth where you can do just that.





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