Leading a team presents many challenges. Aside from the business goals and revenue targets, you have responsibility for the well-being of a group of people, who have their trust and futures invested in you. It’s a huge responsibility to uphold. 

Of course, there are many books to read, Youtube videos to watch, and seminars to attend, which can all offer great insight and advice from other people’s learnings and perspectives. But, have you ever considered that the most inspiring insights could be gained yourself via experiential travel?

Travel opens up new horizons and encourages you to think differently. Often, this can translate to you being more willing to challenge your behaviours and invoke change in the ways you lead your life back home and in the office.


Trusting your instincts


Intuition is a powerful thing. And, as a leader even more so. From sensing when a team member is anxious or upset, to knowing when someone is ready to take the next step in their career for a promotion, these awareness skills are something that can’t be learned in a textbook or workshop.

Intuition is undoubtedly an internal safety device when travelling, especially when you’re in a new place, navigating unfamiliar territory. A travel experience, surrounded by unfamiliar places and people will rely on your intuition in ensuring a safe and fulfilling trip, driving you towards situations that are supportive and successful. 

Experiential travel teaches you to be constantly aware and be able to sense unexpected situations as they arise. These skills transfer naturally to your team and work life.


Nurturing a community


A good leader doesn’t just create a team, they create an ever-evolving community to nurture. A group of people with hearts, souls, and voices, not just work skills and spreadsheets. Experiential travel gives you a common bond and allows you to connect over recollections. In other words, it's a great networking tool and a way to make deep connections with individuals that you wouldn’t normally connect with.

Travel can be an invaluable, if sometimes uncomfortable, way to see yourself as others see you. It can teach you a lot about the way you are and act towards others and give you a reality check that is very grounding. The soul-searching benefits gained here almost always outweigh any transitory discomfort and embarrassment along the way.


Appreciating cultural differences and diversity


Traveling to a foreign country is one of life's greatest privileges. Experiencing diversity and other cultures opens your mind to new and different ways of thinking. It teaches compromise, empathy, collaboration, and negotiation - all fantastic skills to behold as both a human and a business leader.

Travelling teaches you about different cultures and social norms to develop a more open-minded and mature sense of the world and its billions of people – absolutely valuable knowledge in the global economy.


Inspiring innovation


Your travel experiences can open up your horizons to new possibilities and new ways of working. You can take influences and bring them back to the office with exciting possibilities. Travel lets you think outside your borders and create a willingness to explore new opportunities, all inspired by nurturing a different kind of environment.


Stepping out of your comfort zone


If it's one thing experiential travel teaches you it's how to take risks and step out of your comfort zone.  As a leader, it may give you a greater tolerance to risk by pushing yourself to break free from the norms of business and what ‘should’ be done conventionally.

Testing your survival skills on a Castaway Island or exploring volcanic magma chambers in exhilarating Iceland are far removed from the creature comforts of office life, but these experiences allow you to build a tolerance to risk and get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Travel puts you in situations where you may not be able to speak the language and therefore presents you with the willingness to look ridiculous when trying to explain yourself and your ideas - an asset that will be much admired by your team as they form trust and respect for your unique leadership style.


When you are ready to indulge your adventurous side and embark on an experiential travel expedition, the Untold Story Travel team is here for you. Get in touch today so we can create an experience to help you reach your full potential.  





Wednesday 22 June 2022

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