Sometimes our external living environment can take over certain aspects of our life, causing strain, tension and stress in even our closest relationships. Sometimes, it’s hard to even know what our relationship with someone could be like if all the external factors and complications were taken away.

So, what if you took all of these external factors away? What if you took away your home environment, other people, work, your tv box sets, your mobile phones and your laptops too? What if you stripped everything back to its barest form and took the ultimate relationship test with your partner – to be stranded on a desert island together.

Private island paradise


Our private Castaway Island experience is set on a rare, uninhabited island, where you and your partner will be castaways together. Unblemished or distracted by man or machine, you can leave the hectic, modern world behind you to discover the real meaning of your relationship, as well as finding profound new ways to co-habit as a survival team.

The first few days of your expedition will be spent with a top wilderness survival expert to show you the ropes. As a couple, you will learn how to use nature’s materials to navigate, hunt, cook, and build. Learn how to use spears to catch fresh fish, how to forage for edible plants in the forest, and also how to create fire to keep warm and cook. You each have unique strengths that drew you together, and now it’s time to find how to combine them to survive the wilderness!


Alone at last


As soon as you feel well-equipped with your essential island survival skills, it’s time to say goodbye to your expert as they board their speedboat back to civilization. Leaving you and your partner alone and totally secluded. With no distractions other than the calling of a neighbouring toucan, this is the time to reconnect and rediscover all the reasons why you first fell in love.

From morning runs around the island to sandcastle building competitions and shell collecting, you can discover your inner youth once again, with no reason to rush and no reason not to listen to each other. Dine each night by the ocean-front on freshly barbecued fish that you caught together, and then camp out beneath the stars under a full moon as you witness doles of turtles nesting nearby.


Learning to live with nature


As technology advances, we become reliant on wake-up clocks, smartwatches and electric blinds to organise our sleep schedules. However, while stranded miles away from any form of technology, you will begin to rely on nature’s own cues to fine-tune your body’s natural circadian rhythm.

Waking as the sun rises each morning, and bunkering down as it sets each night, you will both experience the most blissful sleep as you drift off to the sound of gentle waves lapping against the sand. Gone are the days of separate bedtimes, rushed goodnights, blurry-eyed mornings and broken sleep.

Far away from supermarkets, restaurant chains and food-delivery companies, you will also gain a new perspective on the way you eat and the things you consume. See how your new natural diet affects your mood, energy levels, and even your love life – the antioxidants and electrolytes in fresh fruits such as watermelon and coconuts are proven to increase blood flow and we all know where that leads…


Time to work things out   


Time is one of life’s luxuries. We spend our days rushing around trying to maximise our time and squeeze everything in, so sometimes we forget what’s actually important. But, while here on your own private island experience, time will literally standstill.

Use this time to really talk and really listen to your partner so that you know what makes them feel happy, what makes them laugh uncontrollably, and what makes them cry. Now is the time to also bring up disagreements you’ve had in the past so that you can talk about them openly without the phone ringing, work deadlines looming, or the Amazon delivery guy showing up at your front door.


The benefits of isolation


The word isolation has been largely overused over the past couple of years and has, as a consequence, got rather a bad reputation. But, the isolation that many of us have experienced through the pandemic is, in fact, not true isolation – the type with no phones, no TVs, no gadgets, no access to anyone at all.

Being in voluntary isolation, with nothing but yourself, and in this case, your partner, however, can be extremely beneficial to your physical and mental health. Whether you are an introvert who already thrives on solitude or a sociable extrovert who loves to be with others, some high-quality time alone can only be good for your overall wellbeing. Use the isolation to cultivate your passions, to find new inspirations, to get to know yourself better and to engage in some much-needed rest and relaxation. 

If the sound of a private couple’s retreat on a secluded island sounds like it could be just what you need, then our team at Untold Story are here to bring it to life for you both.

We can find a private island that is perfect to suit you as a couple, so whether it’s in Panama, Tonga, Philippines or French Polynesia, you are sure for an unforgettable desert island experience.

Get in touch today to find out more and start planning your castaway story…


Thursday 10 February 2022

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