We take over 25,000 breaths a day, taking in tens of billions of molecules into our bodies with every inhale. Our breath affects our digestion, our mental health and our heart rate, so it’s essential we do it right. 

When we encounter stress or anxiety, our breath can suffer and every now and then we need a nudge in the right direction to pause, re-set and re-master the art of breathing. And, there’s no better place to do so than with a private wellness experience on the island of Lošinj

Where is Lošinj?

Lošinj sits on Croatia’s north Adriatic coast, and we would forgive you for not ever having heard of it, given that it’s still managed to retain its title as Croatia’s best-kept secret. Yet this unspoilt island, with its striking bays and rich vegetation, beholds something very special indeed. Due to an intriguing mix of geographical, climactic, biological and botanical factors, the island’s air is so pure that it holds miraculous healing properties for those in need of ultimate restoration and also those with respiratory conditions. The air, in fact, is so desirable that it is even available to buy in bottles for when you are not there! 

Because of the island’s micro-climate, its slim shape, its distance from pollution and the abundance of botanical flora and fauna growing there (1,200 species to be precise), the air is quite literally as pure as can be. Filled with the soft aroma of healing dense herbs, you can really smell the difference in air quality as soon as you step onto the mainland. 

If back-to-nature luxe is what you are craving, then Lošinj really is the destination you need this year for a private healthy retreat


Pine forest therapy 

The benefits of being surrounded by lush, green vegetation has been studied and documented many times. That calming, grounding feeling that bathes us when immersed in nature is undeniable. And in Lošinj there is no shortage of green: Čikat Bay is home to a densely forested Aleppo pine park, which is perfect to spend quiet time and work on re-balancing your breath. 

A simple wander through the lush ecosystem is a real treat for the senses, with different things to see, hear, smell and touch at every turn. Stimulate your energy with nature and quieten your busy mind as you stroll amongst the birds, cicadas, butterflies and crickets. 

An immersion in forest therapy can be taken as a self-guided experience if you need time alone, or as a guided exploration with one of our forest experts to lend their knowledge of breathing techniques and forest magic along the way. 


The art of spa 

For those seeking a truly healing visit to Lošinj, we recommend a trip (or two) to the spa. You must visit both The Cube at The Alhambra and The Bellevue Spa, which offer very different experiences – but both equally as wonderful. 

The Cube Spa offers a luxurious and deeply healing environment with a heated seawater swimming pool, a wet area, Finnish sauna, Mediterranean bath, water paradise showers, ice fountain and tepidarium-like heated benches. We would highly recommend the five elements foot therapy treatment, featuring a ginger and salt soak to begin, followed by a rebalancing massage for the feet and lower legs -  it’s a perfect finisher after a day walking in the forest. Other treatments include an Aleppo pine immunity massage and a grounding nutmeg treatment using warm nutmeg rollers. 

Meanwhile, at the Bellevue spa, rather than just pure relaxation, the treatments are tailored around the concept of both inner and outer beauty. Treatments here include detoxifying body scrubs and massages, as well as high-tech treatments like the Exemia Facelift, cryotherapy and the platelet-rich plasma facial. You can even sign up for a full-body detox bootcamp, where you will receive consultations, personalised nutrition and exercise plans.


Where to stay? 

The Boutique Hotel Alhambra sits in a relaxing spot by the waterside in Cikat Bay with breath-taking views of the emerald green sea. It is surrounded by the ancient pine tree forest and is the ultimate wilderness-by-the-sea retreat. The hotel’s Art Nouveau architecture combines with contemporary style to offer the ultimate luxury stay while on this magical isle. Their world-class, Michelin star restaurant – Alfred Keller – embraces a sustainable and locally grown menu of Croatia’s finest produce and, if you’re not fully embracing this as a detox retreat, then the wine list is exceptional too. 

The Bellevue Hotel is for those looking for something even more contemporary.  Minimalistic from the outside, it is home to a lavishly decorated atrium and beautifully furnished rooms including suites with a terrace hot tub. The hotel has a private beach , spa garden and a stunning Japanese fusion restaurant – Matsunoki. 


If the stress of the daily grind has been getting in the way of your wellness of late, then this private Croatia experience could be the perfect life detox you need right now. It’s an opportunity to pause, reflect and look forward with positivity and focus. 

We would love to tell you more about our contacts over on Lošinj Island and how they can contribute to creating you the most wonderful wellness story. 

Please get in touch with our Untold Story Team to find out more about our Breathe Deep Experience and check availability for 2022. 

Thursday 20 January 2022

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