Morocco comes alive when the sun goes down. The evenings there are long and warm, the scents are floral and spice-rich, and the balmy nights mean you can stay outside for the duration, whether you are in the thick of the action or simply enjoying the world-class people-watching.

From the quiet romance of secluded restaurants and slow evening walks to the carnival atmosphere of the city squares and full-on nightclub partying, Morocco has something to satisfy every taste. So where should you head for?




Undoubtedly Morocco’s most famous destination, Marrakech has been so widely photographed and filmed that it can feel like you know it before you even step off the plane. And while the colours and the atmosphere are absolutely as vibrant as you have been led to expect, it’s hard to beat actually being there, in the thick of the action. This city really doesn’t sleep. The energetic traders, noisy souks and busy bars and restaurants are open and bustling, the streets are full, and the mood is celebratory. As dusk falls and the candles are lit, the street performers start work. In the UNESCO recognised Djemaa el Fna Square, in the heart of Marrakech, a magical circus begins. Live music, acrobats, traditional dancers – they each have their spot and their moment to entertain. Soak it all up over a mint tea at a lantern-lit bar, or let our local guide take you through the city’s Medina, or old town, talking you through the history, taking you for the most delicious treats, and the best spice and souvenir stalls in town. And they can teach you how to haggle like a local.

If you are looking for a party then you can then head on to one of the city’s nightclubs, like Pacha, where we will arrange VIP service. But if it is a quieter kind of Moroccan magic that you are looking for then come with us to the Agafay Desert camp. Far away from the hustle and bustle, here you can feel like the only people on earth. Dine beneath the stars, enjoy the heady scents of the jasmine and roses, the vivid greens of the mint and pistachio, and the red sand beyond – it’s an intoxicating cocktail.




If Marrakech has the colour and the bohemian vibes, then classic Casablanca is the place for urbanites, where the face of contemporary Morocco is revealed. This is a modern city, where careers are made, and the buildings are shiny. That’s not to say it is all corporate sophistication though. Casablanca has a vibrant creative side, which means the urban polish is balanced by small businesses and trendy neighbourhoods.

Let us put you in touch with the local movers and shakers who will take you to the best bars and restaurants in town. Go Downtown to discover the city’s French-colonial buildings, with neighbourhood cafes and cool jazz bars that open into the early hours. Or if you fancy dinner beside the sea then the coastal suburb of Ain Diab will have plenty to offer. Freshly caught seafood, cooling beers and those eyewatering black coffees will keep you awake and ready to explore all night.

Behind the modern shine of Casablanca is, of course, a rich history and culture that continues to thrive. Discover the infectious rhythms of a traditional Gnawa band performing just for you, then meet the performers, learn about their history, and carry the rhythm with you on the rest of your trip.




Despite being the nation’s capital, Rabat is smaller, calmer and quieter than Marrakech and Casablanca. It is the place to go if you want to explore Morocco away from other tourists and feel like a local for a while. This coastal city has plenty to offer. Watching the sunset over the sea from one of the rooftop bars is hard to beat, and the central kasbah, with its evocative red brick and palm-lined walkways, offers picturesque evening strolls.

It's not all slow-paced here though. Rabat has its share of super clubs, so if dancing the night away to one of the world’s top DJs is on your bucket list then let us book you a VIP table at Amnesia.




And then there is Fes. Exotic, crazy, bohemian, bold – there are so many adjectives to describe Fes, but really you just have to see it, wander the narrow, looping streets, and get lost. Fes is often referred to as Morocco’s cultural capital, largely because of its rich history as the home of scholars, philosophers, and artisans – all of whom left their mark. The Medieval architecture looks magical – old palaces, huge domed rooftops, elaborate mosques, and arches everywhere, framing views as if they are living postcards. And it looks even more amazing at night when the coloured tiles and the curving shapes catch the candlelight and form beautiful shadows.

Fes is a city where the restaurants and bars spill out into the streets, so there are plenty to choose from. Rooftop bars with wrought iron balconies and sun-faded canopies provide a plethora of memorable dining spots, but it's best to let a local help you find your way. Our guide will find you the best views of the city, at the right time for the sunset and the table where you can see it all.

The fourteenth-century restored palace Riad Fes is our favourite spot for drinks on the terrace. From here the city spreads out into the distance, bathed in a rosy glow as the sun lowers and the stars come out. It is truly hard to beat.


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Thursday 26 January 2023

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