India; a vast and varied land. A place where one’s own spirituality guides them, striving to find their deeper self.

It is in this spiritual land where you can sample flavoursome food, wear vibrant sarees, explore intricate architecture and listen to powerful soul-hitting rhythms; letting your every sense be revived.

Indian Influences

Aromatic smells of Cumin, Fenugreek, Coriander and of course Chilli peppers, among others, fill the air in kitchens and street food stalls across India. The popularity of Indian cuisine in the UK has grown over the last two hundred years, stemming from the then Queens passion and love for India. Queen Victoria built a Durbar (stateroom) at Osbourne House where the ceiling, which was inspired by 16th-century architecture from the north of India, was designed by the father of Rudyard Kipling, Mr. Lockwood Kipling.  Rudyard Kiping himself was born in Mumbai, then called Bombay, in 1865 and is most famous for ‘The Jungle Book’ which was inspired by British Imperialism in India.


Spirituality and Religion

India is a diverse and rich land, with precious jewels, abounding faiths, intricate architecture and stimulating cuisine. Indian culture, spirituality, and religion have a far greater reach than many appreciate. The sacred Vedas texts, composed by Aryans in 1500-500BCE and written in Sanskrit are a collection of hymns and other religious texts which are considered to be divine revelation. Within the pages of the Vedas, the reader is introduced to the ‘yagas’ (sacrifice) and ‘yajnas’ (ceremonies) which were used to promote the well-being of individuals and society. The Vedas provided the spiritual and philosophical foundations of yoga and Hinduism.


Cultural Landmarks

When you think of India, aside from the culinary delicacies and spiritual traditions, you picture the Taj Mahal. Standing on the right bank of Yamuna River, this immense white marble mausoleum was built to honour the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan’s favourite wife. Erected between the years of 1631 and 1648, this structure is universally renowned as a foreboding architectural masterpiece. A lesser known, but just as grand monument is the Golden Temple in Amritsar. Founded in 1577, by the fourth of ten Sikh Gurus, Guru Ram Das, Amritsar is the pilgrimage for those of the Sikh faith. The Gurdwara or temple is a blend of Hindu and Islamic architectural styles which reflect in the shimmering surrounding waters. The gilded gold dome rises to attract the eye of visitors, whilst the musicians chant from the Sikh Holy book creating an alluring and intense atmosphere.


Experience India

Take a journey through India, where along the way, you’ll have the chance to feast on an array of traditional Indian delicacies and embrace the many sights and sounds of this fascinating country. Leave your stresses behind and take your first step to embracing a new kind of living.

Monday 17 July 2017

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