If the past couple of years have taught us anything, it’s to grab life by the horns. Our time here on earth is precious and therefore, we believe it should be filled with experiences that we can not only relish, but learn and grow from personally too. That’s why this year, we are thrilled to be once again taking part in the greatest party in the world – Rio Carnival.  
Taking place from 25th February – 5th March 2022 in wondrous Rio de Janeiro, the top samba schools in the city will compete at the Sambodrone arena with spectacular parades of floats, thousands of dancers and the most extravagant costumes you'll ever see. And, this year, we are offering you the chance to be the star of the show! 

So, why is this really a once-in-a-lifetime luxury Rio Carnival experience? And, how can you really not afford to turn it down? Let us tell you a little more...

Letting go of your inhibitions 

If your 2022 goals include increasing your self-confidence, growing in self-esteem and changing some of the pre-existing beliefs you hold about yourself, then there really is no better experience than the Rio Carnival to springboard your ideals into fruition.

They say that one of the best ways to increase self-confidence is to step out of your comfort zone and try something totally new – and this is most definitely an occasion to do just this! Our luxury Rio Carnival experience offers you the chance to become part of one of the biggest extravaganzas in the world, joining one of the largest samba schools in Brazil and parading at the Carnival in front of thousands of cheering fans and millions watching on TV around the globe. 

And, of course, we will take care of every single detail for you to make things run as smooth as can be, from helping you to pick the perfect, bespoke costume to suit your body shape, to providing private samba dance classes with the best teachers in the city as well as all transport and hair and make-up on the day. So, when carnival day arrives, you feel confident and ready to show the world - and yourself - your true colours.


Learning from the best 

Our close partner and Untold Storyteller, Samantha Flores, will take you under her caring and professional wing throughout your experience to ensure you are exceptionally well-looked after in Rio and prepped for the ultimate performance. 

London-born Samantha has been living in Rio since 2006, and has since become one of the most celebrated stars of the carnival. In February 2018, she hit the headlines worldwide when she became the first non-Brazilian to lead out her samba school in the world-famous Rio Carnival parade. In fact, in the female hierarchy of Brazilian Carnival, Samantha came second only to the 'rainha da bateria' - the queen, who leads the group of drummers and the heartbeat of the parades.

So even if you've never stepped a single samba step in your life, there is nothing to fear once you are in Samantha’s care. Together, we have contacts with Rio’s top teachers who can offer you a fun, intensive immersion into the two-step motion so that you will appear to be a total pro on Carnival day. 

If needed, we can also offer personal trainers before and during your trip to help increase your cardio levels, improve your stamina, and ensure you are ready to party all day (and all night) when the time comes!


Make it a family affair 

Rio Carnival is certainly a huge party for the adults, but it’s also an amazing experience for kids too. It’s inclusive for all ages, and although kids under 14 aren't permitted to perform in the main parade, there are plenty of other experiences for them to get involved with to get into the carnival spirit! 

We can personally arrange for your kids to get involved in the kid’s parade – the junior samba league – which takes place the day after the main event at the Sambadromo. They will take samba classes and drumming lessons to build their assurance and skills, and everything they are taught will be steeped with fun and games to ensure it’s an all-round memorable experience. 

Children will love helping to choose their own vibrant costumes, helping to choreograph the dances as well as chipping in to prepare the decorated floats for their big performance. This is a great confidence-building experience for kids of all ages, and one that they certainly won’t forget for years to come.

Ready to kickstart your exclusive Rio Carnival experience for 2022? Our Untold Story planners are very much looking forward to hearing from you.  

Please contact us at your convenience to get your Rio Carnival journey started.

Monday 10 January 2022

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