If you are a lover of fine foods and are looking for exclusive food experiences to give your taste buds more than just a tingle, then you are definitely in the right place. 

Here at Untold Story, we are huge foodies. That’s why most of our private tours and vacations include an exciting element of gastronomy within them. In this article, we have selected our favourite luxury dining destinations from across the globe. From sampling Kaiseki cuisine in Tokyo to pecorino tasting in Tuscany, we hope it will give you the appetite to start planning your next private foodie vacation. 

Truffle hunting & cheese tasting in Tuscany

Autumn is a wonderful time for foodies to visit Northern Italy. Largely because it is the best time to hunt for truffles! Although pretty unappealing in terms of raw appearance, these prized fungis are worth their weight in gold in terms of gourmet flavour – revered by top chefs from all over the world. This is your chance to get them fresh, right from the source. 

The most famous white truffle is found in the Piedmont region of Northern Italy, close to the city of Alba. Here you can venture out on a private truffle hunting experience with an expert Trifulau and their trusty truffle dog. You will stroll through beautiful woodlands, full of autumnal colours, led by the nose of your faithful hound until he unearths a possible find! From here, you can use a small spade to dig your truffle out of the ground. 

Once un-earthed, your tartufo blanco (white truffle) will need to be eaten as soon as possible. It’s best served raw, finely grated over plain pasta or baked eggs to bring out the full flavour – and we can arrange a private chef to prepare your truffle just the way you want it. Deliziosa!  

While in Tuscany, gourmet lovers can also take advantage of the region’s fine wines and cheeses, learning from the producers themselves during private tastings arranged just for you. Taste your way through a cheese’s complete ageing process, from soft young varieties to crumbly, salty mature Pecorinos. Paired of course with a nice glass of Chianti or Vino Nobile di Montepulciano. A match made in Italian flavour heaven. 

Cooking & Cacao in Peru 

Peru offers a significant number of unique settings for exceptional gastronomy. Therefore, why not plan a luxury foodie experience that combines all the best bits for you? 

During your private food vacation to Peru, you can experience an open-aired feast at Wayra Ranch while watching a Peruvian Paso horse show as well as sampling a delicious seven-course gourmet farm-to-table lunch at a Cusco white corn farm. For those who want to experience something spiritual and special as they eat, it can be arranged for you to share a luxury gourmet picnic by the shores of the beautiful Huaypo Lagoon in Maras, followed by a beautiful ceremony of sound and traditional offerings to Mother Earth. 

Craving to satisfy your sweet tooth? As one of the world’s largest producers of cacao, it would be a crime to visit Peru without learning more about their ancient chocolate-making process. So, let us arrange a private chocolate workshop and tasting for you at Chaqchao – a traditional, artisanal cacao producer in Arequipa. Learn their secret techniques and recipes, and conjure up your very own chocolate bar to take home with you as a souvenir (if you can resist eating it for that long!). 

Finally, if you are keen to try out new cooking techniques that you can take back home with you, then you can experience an Amazonian cooking class with renowned chef, Pedro Miguel Schiaffino, in Lima. Schiaffino is known as the "jungle chef" and has worked to highlight the foods of the Amazon Jungle in all his recipes. You are sure to learn some exciting delights to impress your dinner guests when you return home. 

A gastronomic awakening in Japan

Uncover the ancient delicacies and customs of Japan as you embark on an exclusive voyage of dining discovery split between Kyoto and Tokyo. 

Starting in Kyoto, immerse yourself in the rare privilege of an intimate private dinner in the company of a Geiko – a Geisha who specialises in music. As you enjoy traditional dancing and music performances, sample an exceptional Kyoto Kaiseki feast, of course, best enjoyed with some of Kyoto’s finest warm Sake. 

While in Kyoto, you can also experience the beautiful ritual of an authentic tea ceremony in the historic Gion district. Soak in plenty of real Japanese culture as you gaze into the zen Japanese tea gardens and sip on cleansing green tea prepared just for you. Kimonos optional. 

In Tokyo, you will have the chance to continue your gastronomic experience, sampling the very finest Wagyu beef that the capital has to offer. Taste it in the form of Teppanyaki, Yakiniku, steak and sukiyaki in some of the most elite restaurants to find your ultimate favourite recipe. 

A visit to Tokyo wouldn’t be complete without a sushi masterclass, and where better to do it that at Toyko’s famous Tsukiji fish market. Learn all about the facts behind Tokyo’s sushi culture and perfect your sushi making techniques with the very best experts and the finest fresh fish at your disposal.

Wagyu tasting in the Highlands 

If you are veering more towards Europe than Asia for your next trip but are still keen on sampling some of the best Wagyu beef in the world, then why not head to the highlands!

Located on a 25,000-acre estate farm in Perthshire, Highland Wagyu is a pedigree beef company, breeding premium Japanese Wagyu, Aberdeen Angus, and Highland cattle with a mission to produce the best beef in the world. It’s a perfect stop off to add to your exclusive dining vacation to Scotland

We can arrange a private visit to the farm where you can meet husband and wife team Mohsin Altajir and Martine Chapman - the passionate founders of Highland Wagyu. Take a tour around the farm and meet the cattle in their ‘zen dens’ before experiencing a private tasting of Wagyu charcuterie, beef hot dogs and the famous Wagyu burger. There is no finer place to sample Wagyu beef within Europe. 

We hope these luxury dining experiences have whet your appetite for travel and give you some ideas for your next private foodie vacation

Our team of experts here at Untold Story are ready and waiting to help you piece together the perfect gastronomical adventure wherever that may take you. Contact us today to begin your journey. 

Monday 29 November 2021

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