Amalfi JetsGlobal Private Jet Charter, Unparalleled Service

Amalfi Jets will guide you to wherever the next business meeting, family event, or last-minute trip takes you. They help you change the world. With an in-person Amalfi Representative at every departure airport in the world, you'll see a friendly face while doing so.

When flying privately, one of the most enjoyed parts of the trip is the onboard experience. Included complimentary on every flight, no matter how short or how long, upon booking you will be provided with a menu carefully offering each departure location's top culinary marvels. Order before the flight and enjoy the cuisine onboard with a view.

On every trip, you are welcomed at your door by a trusted Black Car Service which will drive you directly to your aircraft and your waiting Amalfi Representative. Upon landing at your destination, you'll be greeted by an open door to a Black Car Service taking you the rest of the journey.

Safety goes hand in hand with peace of mind. Every Operator within a trusted network meets all FAA or foreign equivalent requirements and must hold additional third-party safety accreditation from the following companies, ARGUS, Wyvern, IS-BAO, etc. Each Operator and Aircraft within the network maintain the highest level of safety standards within the industry. When a trip is booked, the Operator and aircraft information are then re-checked by the Operations Team against the internal database to verify the internal safety standards are met.

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