For those who wish to seize pure life at its core, Costa Rica is a truly inspiring destination to visit. 

Offering stunning scenery, fascinating wildlife, kind-hearted culture and healthy local food, booking a bespoke Costa Rica adventure might be just the tonic you need to reinvigorate your soul.  

What Costa Rica also does best is adventure! The lush rainforests cr eate a magical setting for adrenaline-fuelled pursuits, which are enough to send shivers down the spine of even the most seasoned of trailblazers. 

Here we look at 10 of the top adrenaline activities to try during your exclusive Costa Rica experience

Search for snakes in Corcovado National Park 

Ecologically varied, the Corcovado National Park is among the most biologically intense places on earth. Covering over 41,000 hectares, the park protects thousands of species, including some of the deadliest predators.

Explore the park with a renowned zoologist in search of some of the rarest and most-feared snakes including the fer-de-lance snake, the eye-lash viper and the coral snake. Enter only if you dare! 

Soar in a helicopter above a smoking volcano

If heights are your thing, then this is your tropical dreamland. Chartering a helicopter is a heart-racing way to explore the delights of Costa Rica from the sky, giving you the opportunity to soar down on some truly amazing sights. 

Buckle up as you prepare to peer over extinct craters and towards the smoking Rincon de la Vieja volcano – one of three active volcanoes in Costa Rica. Cameras (and calming breathing exercises) at the ready as your pilot takes you down as close as they possibly can for all the best views of the crater. 

Rappel down a 200ft waterfall 

Fancy a freefall? The Lost Canyon, near the Arenal Volcano offers plenty of crazy opportunities to test out your rappelling skills. 

Start things simple with a modest 150ft rappel down a tropical waterfall called the ‘big boy’ before finishing off with a 200ft waterfall; rappelling halfway down before letting go for a free fall to the bottom!

Surf in Manuel Antonio

Sandwiched right in the heart of Costa Rica's Pacific coast is Manuel Antonio; a place that should be noted down on every surfer’s bucket list. Similar to most surf towns in Costa Rica, the atmosphere in Manuel Antonio is completely surf oriented with great nightlight, restaurants and most importantly, wild waves!

Playa Manuel Antonio is the place for those who wish to be spectated upon as they ride the breaks, however, for the bigger waves, you are better heading for Playitas – a low-key beach with rollers that chop through a rocky coastline. Head out early for the best white caps.

Hike in the Manzanillo National Wildlife Refuge

The Gandoca Manzanillo National Wildlife Refuge is one of the most exotic and most isolated spots on Costa Rica’s southern Caribbean coasts. And, it’s certainly one of the most impressive hiking sites for those who love to travel by foot. 

Take a private guided hike across the refuge, where you will experience tropical forestland, coral reefs, white sands and lush lagoons all coming together as one. Your guide will not only point out the unique vegetation endemic to the area but will also help you spot some of the many fascinating creatures who hide out there.

Kayak through mangroves in Quepos 

If watersports are more your thing, then discover the magic of the mangroves from your own personal kayak. 

Soak in the tropical vegetation, numerous tangled roots and dense thickets in this unique ecosystem as you paddle down the natural canals. 

And, be sure to look out for rare wildlife all around you including iguanas, crocodiles, turtles and white-faced monkeys. You might find yourself having the paddle a little faster than expected!

Wild swim under a 100ft waterfall  

Your exclusive adrenaline vacation in Costa Rica wouldn’t be complete without a wild swim of some sorts. And, what better place to do it than under the great heights of La Promesa waterfall.  

Cool off for a picturesque dip with rich vegetation and expansive rocks surrounding you, while white water plunges down from above. This is sure to be one of the most dramatic wild swims you will ever take.

Fly across ziplines in Monteverde

Get the most sort-after views of the cloud forest at exciting speeds with a thrill-seeking zipline experience in Monteverde. 

Once a view reserved only for birds and scientists, you can now fly above the forest, suspended on a high-weight-capacity zipwire. Zig-zag through the treetops and sweep through the forest canopy at high speed during the ultimate heart-pumping ride.

Nocturnal night walk in the cloud forest

Once you have experienced the cloud forest from up high, it’s time to get down on the ground for an adrenaline-fuelled night party with the area’s famed wildlife – of which 80 percent are nocturnal.

Join a very experienced guide who will help you to spot species including grey foxes, nine-banded armadillos and many more as the evening draws darker. Just be sure not to walk off the trail or touch the trees or bushes - you never know what could be lurking in there!

A caffeine hit in Monteverde

High speeds and scary animals aren’t the only things to get your heart racing. You might find that a warm mug of fresh Costa Rican coffee has quite the same effect. 

While you are in the area, you must take a visit to the Monteverde coffee plantation. Learn about the history, cultivation and operations of a working coffee ‘beneficio’, while being transported around the farm in a traditional ox-drawn cart. Finish off with a cup of java to prepare you for the rest of the day’s adventures. 

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Thursday 4 November 2021

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