If you are looking for a trip to unite the family and create magical memories, then a private family vacation to Lapland might be just what you need. Home to Santa Claus and the magnificent spectacle of the Northern Lights, Lapland is an enchanted wonderland for both kids and grown-ups alike. And, if you are considering spending the holidays in Lapland, then you might also be wondering what you will need to take along with you, especially given the icy cold climate there.

We know a thing or two about the cold weather, as well as how to dress for prolonged spells in snowy climates. Whether you are embarking on a snowmobile tour across a frozen lake, visiting a husky farm or racing reindeers across the white plains, we want to make sure you are prepared and comfortable at all times.

From super-warm clothing to festive holiday essentials for the kids, here we offer our expert advice when it comes to packing for your magical holiday adventure...


High-quality thermal layers 

Temperatures in Lapland do fluctuate, and if you are visiting around holiday time in December or January, then temperatures could reach as low as -30C. Therefore, thermal base layers are vital for all your family members. We know all too well that cold kids and outdoor adventures don’t mix!  

The best thermal wear for extreme cold temperatures creates a second skin on top of yours. It’s essential that the thermal materials are absorbent and have the ability to dry very quickly; this will prevent a chill when moisture lingers close to your body. 100% merino wool thermals are generally considered the no.1 choice as the fabric feels super soft against your skin and is great for wicking away moisture and body odours. Synthetic alternatives such as nylon, polyester and spandex are available, however they are not odour resistant and will need to be laundered much more frequently that their wool counterparts. 

Choose a combination of thin, long pants (also known as long johns) and thin long-sleeved tops, which are designed to be worn directly on top of your underwear and underneath other layers of clothes. Thermals should have a snug fit, so be sure to try on before packing. This is especially important for kids as you don’t want to arrive to find out that their thermals are too loose or bagging. 

Over the top of your thermals you can opt for long sleeved sweaters, polo necks and knitwear. Aran jumpers are considered the best; having been invented on the West Coast of Ireland for fishermen in the Atlantic to fight off the biting Westerly winter winds, they are sure to be fit for purpose here!


Ski pants and jackets 

When it comes to snow jackets, it’s really worth going the extra mile. Your jacket will bear the brunt of much of the weather conditions you will be exposed to in Lapland, therefore, it needs to be able to perform in extreme temperatures. 

Insulated jackets come in many shapes and sizes, and usually features an outer shell for waterproofing plus a layer of insulation beneath, which can be down or synthetic. They should have a hood and preferably wrist gaiters to stop your sleeves getting full of snow – especially if your family is partial to a good snowball fight! 

Down insulated jackets are the premium choice for temperatures sub -20C as they are extremely warm and lightweight too. They will ensure you and your kids are keep toasty as you bomb around on your snowmobiles and mini skidoos in the snow. 

Explorers and scientists opt for down parkers for their Antarctica expeditions, so you can be sure they are a pretty top choice for your Lapland winter vacation.


Snow boots are best

When it comes to the best footwear to take to Lapland, it’s worth investing in some great quality snow boots with good grip. It’s really important to keep your feet well insulated, as nobody wants cold feet as they enjoy their husky sledding adventure – especially the kids! Wellies or gum boots just won’t cut it here as they don’t provide good enough insulation, and also become slippery and quite dangerous in icy conditions. 

There are many brands of snow boot available, so the best advice is to try on a few pairs to find the ones that offer the best comfort for you and your family. Another good tip is to buy boots a little larger than you normally would. This is so you can wear thick wool socks with them, and also insert a pair of thermal insoles too. 



Now your coat, boots and thermal layers are sorted, it’s time to think about accessories. 

You will each need a few pairs of good quality hiking socks that are long, thick and comfy. Again, wool is the best fabric to choose as it is breathable and will hold in the moisture too. You can double layer your socks when you are preparing for a big snow hike or snowmobile ride to ensure you keep your feet warm all day long. 

A good pair of gloves is also mandatory for your Lapland trip. Your hands will get very cold, very fast if they are exposed to the elements, so you won’t even want to expose them for a moment when outside. We recommend having a thin pair of gloves under your main ski gloves so that you can operate your camera or phone without having to fully expose your skin at any time. Self-heating hand-warmers are also a great invention, which can be slipped into gloves or jacket pockets. 

You will need to pack something to keep your head and neck warm. Woolly hats, snoods and balaclavas are all good options and, again, can be layered for extra warmth when you are husky sledding or huddled around the camp fire toasting marshmallows.  

A lightweight rucksack is also a great idea to take on your daytime adventures to keep snacks and drink bottles safe for the kids, as well as your phone and camera. 


The fun bits 

Once you are prepared with all the essential clothing and accessory items for the cold weather, it’s time to think about the fun stuff! 

Four weeks prior to departure, we will send each child their 'Elf on the Shelf' to make sure they've been good before the big day, so be sure to pack this in their case. Your kids might also want to bring along their favourite books and puzzles to play in the evenings while drinking their cocoa and eating freshly baked gingerbread inside your private lodge. This way you can enjoy your warm mulled wine and personal sauna in total peace! Speaking of saunas, don’t forget to pack your swimwear. You never know when there will be a steaming hot tub to sink into after a cold day’s adventuring. 

Finally, if you want to capture some great pictures of the Northern Lights as they dance in the Arctic night sky, then you are going to want to bring along a good camera. A small tripod is also advised for taking the best quality shots and videos from the ground. Be sure to practice with your camera before you depart, especially if it’s a new one. Just so you will be 100% ready to capture those special moments. And, remember spare batteries. The cold Finnish weather will drain camera and phone batteries fast, so if you’re out all day on excursions, you don’t want to be caught out with no power. Portable power packs are relatively lightweight nowadays and can be easily slipped into your jacket pocket or rucksack. 


Here at Untold Story, we would love to help you craft a customised private festive vacation to Lapland. We know Santa personally and can’t wait to introduce him to your family in his Christmas hideaway in the forest! 

We are masters of detail and will ensure that everything is considered to make this the most magical holiday you’ve ever experienced as a family. 

Get in touch with us to plan your special vacation today. 

Thursday 14 October 2021

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