As travellers and explorers we often go in search of the world’s most awe-inspiring natural wonders. The highest mountains, the whitest sands, the lushest forests. But sometimes the most beautiful experiences can’t be pinpointed to an exact place on a map. They’re changeable, and we humans need to track them down - like the Northern Lights, or the eye of a storm, or blood falls and fire rainbows.

Witnessing first-hand some of the world’s greatest weather spectacles can give you an experience like no other, and photographs that few will believe. With our years of experience and our indispensable contact book of experts, we can help you to track them down.


The Northern Lights

The Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, are Earth’s natural disco lights. Caused by electrically charged particles from the sun colliding with the atmosphere, ribbons of green, pink, and purple, and all the jewel colours actually, dance across the night sky. It’s a phenomenon that continues to mystify us all. Iceland is one of the best places to witness this incredible natural spectacle, while northern Canada and the rest of Scandinavia are great options too.

Travel with us and we will have experts on weather watch to make sure you don’t miss a thing. Recharge in the pools of a secret thermal lagoon as the Aurora Borealis dance above you. Hang out with an astrologer who can talk you through the science and point out the constellations. Or speed beneath the glowing sky on an epic snowmobile ride – however you choose to experience it, we promise it will be magical.


Volcanic Eruptions

Few natural phenomena can match the power and spectacle of a volcanic eruption. The sheer force of nature as molten lava spews from the Earth's crust is mesmerising – it’s the planet at its most raw. Volcano tourism might sound a little risky, but with us, you are in safe hands as we track down the best places to witness this awe-inspiring event. Hawaii and Iceland are great options for seeing glowing lava flows and the orange epicentre of the volcano. Our experts will guide you to the best viewing spots, whether that’s by a dramatic helicopter flight over the scene or a hike over epic blackened lava fields. Learn about the rocks beneath your feet with our geologists and explore the surrounding areas to see the stunning lunar landscapes. From the heat to the smell, to the vivid bright colours, it is a total sensory experience.



Tornados are one of the most destructive and awe-inspiring weather phenomena on Earth. The sheer power of these swirling funnels can be felt for miles around, and while we should all have some healthy fear and fascination, we have access to a few brave individuals who routinely place themselves in the 'eye of the storm', all in the name of science. Come with us as we introduce you to some of the finest meteorologists in their field.  Head out with them onto the front line to track some of the fiercest storms that occur annually along the infamous 'Tornado Alley' of America's Midwest. You will chase the storm (as close as is safely possible) and then work alongside the meteorologists to take samples and analyse weather patterns – your work will contribute to ongoing research into climate change. This is your chance to get involved and have a tangible impact in a globally significant project, whilst also being at the epicentre of one of the world’s greatest weather spectacles.


Fog Waterfalls

Few natural wonders are as magical as a fog waterfall – or as rare. This incredible phenomenon occurs when fog descends over a waterfall, creating a mesmerising effect that looks like the water is flowing upwards, or like the fog is liquid, or actually unlike anything you will have seen before. Watching it first-hand is the only way to truly feel the magic. Breidafjordur fjord in Djupadal, Iceland is one of the most famous examples of this (they also get fog waves, which are just as bizarre/beautiful). Head down at solstice, have your camera ready, and enjoy the best picnic of your life as you watch, and listen, to this utterly unique experience.


Blood Falls

In an eerier, but no less incredible feat of nature, Antarctica’s blood falls are so vivid and surprising that they look unreal. The blood fall is an outflow of iron oxide–tainted saltwater, flowing from the briny river water that runs beneath the Taylor Glacier onto the ice-covered surface of West Lake Bonney. It’s ghoulish, certainly, but all the more dramatic for it. If you want to see vivid colours and nature at its strangest then this one’s for you.

And while you’re there why not pop by to see the emperor penguins? These gentle birds live in a colony so vast that it is another one of Earth’s most incredible natural wonders.


Fire Rainbows

And then there are the fire rainbows. They sound magical and look like the kind of place you might just find a unicorn too, but actually, these multi-coloured wisps of pastel colours that lick into the sky like flames are absolutely a real thing. Scientifically, they are known as circumhorizontal arcs, and they occur when the sun is high in the sky and light refracts through ice crystals in the atmosphere. They need wispy, high-altitude cirrus clouds to occur, and the sun needs to be 58° above the horizon – it’s all very specific. The result when you witness it though is a completely stunning display of colours that looks like a rainbow on fire.

If you want to see a fire rainbow or feel calm at the eye of the storm, or experience first-hand any of the incredible sights mentioned above then get in touch. We have all the experts and all the logistics to help you experience all the magic that planet Earth has to offer.

Monday 20 March 2023

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